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About Us

TECHNICAL CONCRETE Founded in 1998, is among the leading companies of the region and the vision of being a leader in the industry. Our company; vehaz mining has been operating in the concrete industry.

behind our company, customer focus and efficiency of the central area there is a management approach. This approach not only with material gains, which benefit the whole community and developing strong corporate citizenship will benefit. The company, however, especially in the framework of this awareness training, environment, several corporate social responsibility projects that focus on culture, art and sport are implemented.

Our company has served its customers with over 50 employees; superior technology, offers high-quality brands and dynamic human resources. The company not only in the sector of the value of its brands, it aims to raise the scale of Turkey. The company particularly reveals its vision of being a leader in the construction industry.

Our company offers services based on the principles of customer satisfaction and trust at any time. As a result, some of the prestigious brands in the sector, creating, mining, construction and ready-mixed concrete, the synergy provided by large companies are in a very important contribution to this process. Our company, as a product of all of this experience and network rapidly adapt to developments in the sector by some to be among the pioneers of change in Turkey wishes and desires.

The development of community economic development and prosperity in today's world, important responsibilities in the institutions as well as individuals to empower socially and environmentally sustainable decreases. Our company is aware of its corporate responsibility work, the perspective on business models and business environment aims to add value by either.

In addition it provides a direct contribution to economic development, the Company employs a significant contribution. Our company is in all the sectors in which it operates, the operations of performing business partners to take into account the expectations of his dialogue and mutual understanding and feedback mechanisms and try to meet expectations at the highest level. The first priority for the Company's employees business partners; The company believes that real capital is human resources.

Climate change and our company moving with the awareness that threaten our world of increasingly depleted resources, to minimize the negative environmental impact of constantly reviewing and renewing their whole way of doing business. Energy efficiency, water and waste management is a priority environmental area between görenşirketi, but also as a responsible company, in the eyes of business partners in the environmental and social areas is making efforts to raise awareness.